Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pipit Wonderful Market 8


You can see all my handmade in the market
See you then~ ^^

口金包 / Clip Purse

IPAD套 / IPAD Cover

名片套 / Card Holder

相機揹帶 / Camera Strap

大象鑰匙套 / Elephant & Friend Key Holder

手提包 / HandBag

護照套 / Passport Holder

鑰匙圈 / Key Chain

五粒子 / Five Stone

電話/相機套 Phone/Camera Pouch

Date : 5th May 2012,Saturday ( 12pm - 7pm)
venue: Annexe Gallery , Central Market , KL

时间:2012年5月5日,星期六 (中午12點至晚上7點)
地点:Annexe Gallery , Central Market , KL

How to get to Annexe Gallery

1 comment:

Li-yen said...


I did not visit the Pipit sale this time, may I ask, do you still have the camera strap available? I like the red polka dot

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