Thursday, May 17, 2012

相機揹帶Camera Strap(DarkPink)


約 3.7公分寬 x 約66.5公分(布部分)+22公分(可調式織帶,每邊)長



Camera Strap

Approx 3.7cm Width x 66.5cm (fabric strap)+22cm(adjustable strap,each side) Length
Adjustable strap width : approx 1cm

*Canvas was added into the inner layer for strengthening the strap. And the adjustable strap was double sew on the fabric strap end and also on the lace part to make sure it can
support DSLR camera.


For Camera:

Great fit for my DSLR Nikon D40
Great fit for Nikon D70

10 May 2011 - just get feedback from a customer that the camera strap does not fit Lumix LX3,but as she cut the adjustable strap head sharper to fit it in.She had successfully put the camera strap on her Lumix LX3
* noted down as a reference for Lumix LX3 user ^^

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